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Amoviom is a Swiss travel boutique specialized in bridging the gap between Europe and Asia. We do that by designing amazing journeys, creating unique opportunities.

We aspire to enable our travellers to spend an unforgettable time doing exceptional things and growing personally as well as professionally. Our goal: Simply create the best possible experience for you.


Discover our Amoviom impressions

A couple looking for the perfect honeymoon, a group of Chefs wanting to work in European kitchens, an amazing one-week Germany journey, a family looking for a high-class summer-camp for their children or a journey of craftsmanship around Christmas – we pride ourselves on the ability to organize exceptional European experiences of many different kinds. Below you can find our current offers and also examples of some totally customized trips we designed in the past. Whether you want to book a pre-organized journey or inspire your imagination to something completely tailored for you - let us know: what would your perfect journey look like?

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Romantic journeys

Amoviom Honeymoons is where everything started for our company. We know that some occassions in life deserve special attentions and we believe that love, family and happiness are key to a fullfulling life.

This is why we design unique, and fully tailored romantic journeys with a complete focus on you. We pride ourselves in providing amazing service and events, setting the atmosphere in which magical moments can blink into existence. To us, a beautiful start is what our amazing honeymoons are all about.

We are currently also working on a pre-designed honeymoon package based on our past experiences. So if you are looking for the perfect honeymoon package without the customization cost this might be perfect for you – let us know and we will share some details!

See our full honeymoon website here

See one of our ultra-luxury honeymoon itineraries


Outside Adventures

Are you looking for excitement? Outside activities in nature from lakes and rivers to hills and packed mountain hiking trails?

Then our “Swiss Adventure” journey is perfect for you! Spend a week in beautiful Switzerland doing tons of outdoor activities from exploring lakes on canoes, canyoning and hiking as well as visiting the three parts of Switzerland, sightseeing in Lugano, Lucerne, Lausanne, Montreux and much more.

Volker Haushalter, citizen of Zurich and Co-Founder of Amoviom designed this itinerary. He is also a passionate motorcycle driver if you are looking for even more excitement.

Download the full "Switzerland - Outside Adventures" itinerary here


Photo Shooting

Imagine your (pre-) wedding photos in front of amazing pillars of a gothic church, on the grounds of a 500 year-old monastery or with a jewelled altar and multi-colored windows in the background.

This is what Amoviom offers with its luxury photography package.

Including first-class transportation to your photo shooting destination, Chinese-speaking and trained make-up artist and of-course a first-class photographer.

Download the full “Luxury Photography Package” overview here

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If you have additional wishes (such as a private ceremony in a church with guests) please contact us directly with the subject “personalized wedding/church ceremony services”.


Perfect Germany

Germany – From North to South. This is our authentic Germany experience personally designed by Philipp Römer, German co-founder of Amoviom.

Take in the sights, glimpse behind the cultural curtain, relax, shop, discover – all this and more awaits you on 7 perfectly organized days.

Download the full Germany Itinerary here

Winter wonderland

Beautiful Christmas

For a group of friends we were tasked with developing a "real European winter experience", apart from the bigger touristic routes and including some real "hands-on" Christmas activities.

So we designed a journey including an ice hockey match in Munich, a horse carriage ride in Mozart’s hometown, a romantic boat trip visiting multiple traditional Christmas Markets. We took our group of friends skiing in the snowy Alps, shopping and partying in Helsinki, and they got to learn how to make their own Christmas tree decorations.

In northern Finland, we organized a husky sledge tour and a stay in a real wooden hut in the wilderness under the arctic light next to Santa Claus.

Now imagine all of this accompanied by a series of delicious local food and you are getting a glimpse of what might be waiting for you on your Amoviom journey.

See the full itinerary here


Design, create and build

While we participated in pottery-course in the beautiful alleys of Ying-Ge and tried to form our own teacups we met Si-yu and her lovely family. Together with their friends they share a passion for craftsmanship, nature and traditions.

One year later we tried to return some of their warm-hearted enthusiasm and planed a journey full of exploration and putting hands on new skills. Taking them to Germany, they experienced wood crafting, glassblowing and brewing of traditional herbal incenses first hand and had the chance to visit an eco-village, all of which was not only great fun but also provided new inspiration and got some learning processes started.

Europe is the perfect place to feel the relaxing and healing powers of nature while enjoying beautiful landscapes and acquiring new skills. Si-yu, her family and friends would certainly agree!

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Ultimate Luxury


One of our most high-end honeymoon projects. Tailored from Rome to Paris, discovering Tuscany and Bavaria on the way.

Amoviom signature events can be anything, from privately organized candle-light dinners, a privately curated tour through Paris around the life of François-Auguste-René Rodin to driving through Tuscany in a 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider.

This is a journey true to our vision of creating the best, fully-customized honeymoon experiences in the world.

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10 drinks - 5 countries

After a long evening with our partners from the local bar scene in Taipei they asked us to create a culinary experience that would take them to the unique flavours of European beverages.

What resulted was ’10 drinks in 5 countries’ – a wonderfully rich two-week program for a small group of friends starting with anise liqueurs & champagnes in France, savoury red wines & grappa in scenic Tuscany, Austrian white wines & fruit schnapps, beer & gin in Germany and finished with a taste of Irish whiskey, ales & stouts. They would not only try these different drinks but learn about their origins and production processes.

Mix all of that with incredible local food, sightseeing in five countries and lots of shopping opportunities and you will get a glimpse of what this journey was all about!

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More destinations

We hope our impressions have given you some inspiration for your own journey. Of course, Europe has much more to offer and we know how difficult it is to choose if you don’t know the full range. So let us help you!

On the right you can find some other great destinations in Europe - make sure to ask us about them if you are interested! Together, your ideas and our vast experience, will help us to find your perfect European voyage combination!

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